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kicking up a storm in IT services.....

Welcome to the new ThunderTec website

ThunderTec are a new company formed by experienced IT industry professionals to provide quality IT services into businesses that, either don't have dedicated IT resource, or that would like to supplement their existing resource, to fill a gap in in-house expertise, or to run a specific project.
The ThunderTec team aim to excel in the quality of service they provide, giving you confidence to call on us for all your IT requirements.
From IT consultancy, through cloud computing, Google Apps, web design, eCommerce, hardware and software services, and onto cost reduction of your IT operations, ThunderTec can provide whatever you need. Speak to us today on 01282 792830 to find out what ThunderTec can do for you.
News Flash... ThunderTec are now producing smartphone apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phone platforms